About us

This app is for anyone who wants to believe that there is a way they can feel better, because there is. Right now there are tools that have been scientifically proven and approved that can help a vast proportion of the population. We’re bringing some of the best of these to you. We want to help people get anywhere from here towards here! What if I feel worse than that?

The idea came from our CEO, John Harper. At 23 he was diagnosed with mild-moderate depression. After a long time not understanding what was happening to him, he found some online tools that gave him enough information to help himself and find the support he needed. Two years later he wants to bring together all the best tools he’s found and has reached out to specialists in mental health, smartphone technology, and business development to provide an innovative tool like nothing else out there.

How can this actually help people? Well, in our full product we will be able to offer a means for people to find out how they’re doing, the basics of depression, how to practise tools for strengthening mental well-being such as cognitive behavioural therapy, behavioural activation, and mindfulness, and allow the user to track their progress as they engage more and more with the app, and the characters they meet along the way.

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