Q: How can this app help people?
A: With help from a number of practising counsellors and mental health institutions we've identified a number of simple practises that can effectively assist people with improving their mental well-being, understanding of themselves, and emotional resilience.

Q: What practises?
A: In our first version we focus predominantly on cognitive behavioural therapy - looking at your less helpful negative thought patterns, identifying them and reframing thoughts. This process has been shown to be very effective in reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. We look to show that this can help everyone in their self-understanding and ability to perform effectively - mentally and physically.

Q: Who's it for?
A: This is for anyone interested in discovering and practising fun ways to improve their mental and emotional well-being and resilience. Any age, size, shape are invited to try. Please note this is not an effective treatment or support for mental health issues. We hope to be able to provide supplemental help and signposts for people who want to find potential support and help.

Q: Will there be another version out soon?
A: Absolutely! We are working on getting the next version made and ready for you as soon as possible. The next version will have a clean and intuitive interface, beautiful design, and new practises that will integrate behavioural activation, mindfulness, and mood tracking.

Q: Why is it free?
A: Right now we are testing the concept application. We welcome as many users as possible and as much feedback as you like, so that we can make our next version the best it can be!

Q: I've been feeling continuously low for a long time. Should I try using this app to help me?
A: We believe it's a good idea to reach out to mental health professionals who can provide the relevant support for you. We welcome everyone to try our app, but always consider it a better option to use this app once you've sought professional help if you've been feeling low for a long time. For more information on finding the right help for you we invited you to read our

Get help now page