How am I?

A complicated question at times.

As part of remap we want to help you to work out how you’re doing and track how this changes over time.

One way we can do this is through providing a tool that millions of people aorund the world use at home, in medical practises, and even on the go.

A continuous low mood can become really uncomfortable, and sometimes even potentially dangerous. The sooner someone understands how they’re doing, and where they can get effective help, the more likely it is they can get better.

We are currently developing this part of our service. For now you can access the same tool here: This is for information only and is not intended to replace a consultation with a GP. The PHQ was developed by Drs Robert L Spitzer, Janet B.W. Williams, Kurt Kroenke and colleagues with a grant from Pfizer Inc. Reproduced with permission.